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We offer discounted prices on over 3,000 flooring products!
We carry the Major Name Brands in wood flooring and Laminates. We are one of America's leading Internet suppliers of Exotic and Unfinished flooring. Our independent importers and mills make us a low price leader. Our shipping points are from around the country for fast delivery and economy. We carry stair parts too!



1/2" x 6" Heart Pine only $1.49. Only 36...





Thinking about adding a new floor to your home or building? Need to replace an old floor? The Discount Flooring Company has many options in hardwood flooring for both of these instances. A new floor can change the character of the home. Whether you're replacing carpet or old floorboards, adding a new floor can be somewhat of a challenge with all of the options offered. Our store carries both solid and engineered hardwood to meet the needs of your home, as well as an array of exotic and domestic species for unfinished and prefinished flooring.

Hardwood flooring comes in a few types. Solid hardwood flooring includes 100-percent natural wood, while engineered hardwood, although also 100-percent wood, combines the natural wood on top with nine-ply birch below. How do you know which one to choose? Generally, wood can warp when exposed to heat or extreme cold, and engineered hardwood flooring is designed to be placed near a radiant heat source in your home or building. Because of this combination engineered hardwood flooring won't warp or expand when placed near heat or on concrete. Additionally, laminate flooring is part of our selection. Made with fiberboard and photographic imaging, laminate flooring is designed to look like natural hardwood flooring without containing any wood.

Our selection of engineered and solid hardwood flooring covers various species. The most popular across all brands are domestic hardwoods, such as red or white oak, maple, and hickory - any woods found often in North America. Exotic hardwood flooring is increasing in popularity in North America, especially species like Brazilian cherry and tigerwood, and, to meet this need, we stock many types of exotic hardwoods, including both solid and engineered varieties. This selection includes hardwoods from South America, Asia, Australia, and Africa. Additionally, all types of hardwood come in unfinished and prefinished options. Both are high-quality products, but unfinished flooring is ideal for replacing part of or adding to an existing floor, while prefinished is best for replacing an entire floor. With finish already added, prefinished hardwood flooring reduces installation time, as well.

Many well-known brands of hardwood flooring are part of our selection, but all of their products are sold at a discount. We carry Bruce hardwood flooring in our selection, as well as other prominent brands like Armstrong, Anderson, and Robbins. All of these brands carry a combination of exotic and domestic hardwoods, with prefinished or unfinished engineered and solid options. These brands, additionally, sell a variety of grades through our hardwood flooring company, and we also carry their factory seconds. Also known as cabin, tavern, or character grade flooring, factory seconds didn't pass inspection and are sold at less than wholesale or retail prices. Some of the brands for which we offer factory seconds or value flooring include Bruce, Armstrong, and Robbins.

When you need high-quality hardwood flooring with many options to choose from, The Discount Flooring Company offers name-brand hardwood at wholesale prices. From solid to engineered hardwood to the many species in our selection, our products include many options to replace or add a new floor to your home or building.

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